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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  September 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sunday night local sports fans are mourning the loss of a legend.
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the moses malone died at the age of 60. first a flood and then massive sinkhole opens up in a hunting park neighborhood. but the big story on "action news" is the the new concern about security when pope francis arrives in the united states. >> abc this week this morning chairman have the of the house home land security committee said that authorities have already as he put it disrupted what is one particular case. he said vigilance is high. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live on the parkway with more on the story, chad. >> reporter: sarah, we have no details about this so-called disrupted threat, city officials and world meeting of families have referred all questions to the secret service which at this point has no comment. the the infrastructure is in full go, soon a secure perimeter kill enclose the parkway all to keep pope francis and the people who come to see him, secure, and safe. earlier today congressman michael mccall told martha on
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this week with george steponapolus the secret service informed him that it had disrupted a threat begins the pope. >> we are monitoring very closely threats against the the pope as he comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case, and in particular, but as that data approach essy think we're all very -- will be very vigilant to protect him as he comes in the you had. >> reporter: security for the papal visit has come under scrutiny for the past couple of months. city officials and the world meeting of families have said that security for the visit falls under the secret service but critics have have said that the secret service was going beyond the scope, needed with large portions of the the city shut down to traffic. fences being erupted, and ben franklin bridge being shut down. but the level of caution and security may be due to the prior threat, and classified information, that has not been shared for this momentous occasion.
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>> i'm concerned. i was briefed by the secret service in a classified setting. the the pope is a very -- i'm catholic. he is very passionate man. he likes to get out with the people w that comes with a large security risk. >> reporter: abc news has learned that the the so-called threat was quote very as preparational but far from an active plot. live along the parkway, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> chad, thank you. the family of the injured philadelphia police officer, got a surprise of the lifetime today, retired officer richard bows, his wife and three children will greet pope francis as he lands at philadelphia international airport for the world meeting of families. the the surprise announcement was made at end of mass at saint christopher's church in the somerton section the of the city. >> just completely overwhelmed right now and so blessed and humled and very grateful. >> we're the not worthy.
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>> honestly, i don't feel like we're worth/have this caliber. >> reporter: officer richard bows was shot responding to a shooting that took a life of another officer in 2008. even though he was injury, he was able to return fire killing the suspect. we have set up a special section on our web site with everything that you need to know about the papal vice from it a list of events, parking restrictions, transportation options, and a lot of special features there as well. just go to six in other news tonight a 17 year-old was killed during an overnight crash in bucks county. it happened at 1:00 this morning, on the 700 block of north limekiln pike in new britain township. investigators say the teenager was driving a pickup truck when he lost control and drove into a ditch causing the the truck to flip over. he was pronounced dead at the scene. three passengers were rushed to a local hospital. a philadelphia neighborhood was forced to deal with a messy problem today. a water main break sent about
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15 million gallons of water, on to hunting park avenue. it was so much water, a parking lot caved in. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has this story. >> reporter: this vehicle will became submerged, after millions of gallons of water began to gush on to hunting park avenue saturday evening. a portion of the parking lot, buckled and crumbled apart and then metal fence and barriers surrounding the lot followed. philadelphia police and the water department responded after getting calls about water in the roadway. >> this evening approximately 8:00 p.m., we were alerted to the water main break on a 48-inch transmission main. we had that main turned off, approximately 9:45, we're estimating the loss at approximately 15 million gallons of water. >> reporter: hunting park avenue remains shut down between 29th and fox streets overnight and into most of the sunday. >> once our clean up efforts are done, on hunting park we will begin assessing the damage to the water main and working to excavate to get a visual on it. >> reporter: according to the water department water
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pressure was restored by 10:00 . it affected some area businesses like nino's pizza during their busiest time of the weekend. >> we told some customers, i said i'm sorry, we are closed. they asked me why? i said because of no water. >> reporter: you can see crater left behind from this latest water main break. this isn't the first section of the hunting park has had issues. right behind me at that shopping complex, they had one just this past june. in june, customers had to be rescued to rising waters at baker's center located at fox street and roberts avenue. months before the the same shopping complex had a main break in both cases, it the took two weeks for owners to clean up the damage. in hunting park, annie mccover man channel six "action news". hall of famer moses malone who played five seasons with the 76ers has died at the age of 60. >> jamie apody is here with more on this, jamie.
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>> so sudden, so tragic. the just too young. sixty years old. sixers legend moses malone passed away at too young age of of 6o he always had the line that will resonate with blue collar philadelphia, four, four, four. was found in norfolk virginia hotel room dead of an apparent heart attack. he was set to appear in the charity golf tournament and had dinner with gerald henderson. there was a great spirit. first player from the high school to the pros, big man was finals mvp leading sixers to the nba champion shim. he led nba in rebounding six times in his 20 year career, three time, nba, mvp, have time all-star. vote add monk the league's greatest 50 players. scott o'neill issued this statement, it is difficult to express what his contributions to this organization, both as a friend and player, have meant to us, the city of philadelphia, and his faithful fans. moses hold a special place in our hearts and will be forever
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remembered as a general icon and pillar of the most storied era in the history of philadelphia 76ers basketball this comes just two weeks after passing of another sixers legend darryl dawkins. been a sad time for this franchise. coming up in sports we will hear reaction from charles barkley who lost his mentor moses malone. >> jamie, thank you. all week long 52 women have been competing for is what likely the most coveted crown in this country n just a few hours we will know who will be the 95th miss america. our karen rodgers is live at boardwalk hall in atlantic city with a preview, hi there, karen. >> hi sarah, we're so excited here on boardwalk hall. look at the how beautiful everyone is outside on the boardwalk. they are excited, they are action for pageant to begin. here's the big thing happening tonight at 9:00 o'clock, vanessa williams comes back have after 32 years when she resign as miss america. we hear is there a big surprise at 9:00. we are excited about her returning to the boardwalk. here we have got lots of people. you guys are from miss florida's corner, is that
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right? i like how when you go along boardwalk everybody has got buttons with the person they are cheering out there are you nervous for her. >> very nervous, but excited. >> we saw lots of contingents from miss new jersey, she's a hometown girl. they are over here. and miss new jersey won the quality of life award. i guess you are hoping she will get out there, right. >> yes. >> they are all excited about that. it business time. the miss pennsylvania, miss delaware, we're all excited about our local winners. we will meet all of the families tonight in our special at 8:00. everyone is getting excited. neat thing about the boardwalk this time of the year you do see lots of people with crowns, sometimes small people. hello, everybody, how are you. look at your titles i see. the miss junior teen new jersey. miss northern states. what are you, miss michigan? well, congratulations to you. are you excited about the the pageant. >> yes. >> yes. we're excited too. do you want to be miss america some day. >> definitely, i'm on the road right now. >> yes. for the show tonight we can't
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wait, until it begins and we will be live until then. live from atlantic city, karen rodgers channel six "action news". thanks, back to you sarah. >> you are our miss america, karen. >> got it down. >> yes. >> catch all of the miss america action here on six abc tonight at 8:00 watch our preview special count down to the crown hosted by karen rodgers, in matt o'donnell and melissa magee. that is followed by miss america pageant live from boardwalk hall at 9:00 o'clock. much more to come on "action news" tonight, devastation in northern california, as a already massive fire is now torching a 40,000-acre stretch, the latest on the effort to knock down those flames coming up. the streets of the manayunk were packed for a big event that kick off a week of good eating, adam. we're expecting the the coolest night since last spring, we will have those numbers and a quick turnaround, to well a above normal temperatures by the middle of the week in that accu weather seven day. >> thanks, adam. talk to you in a bit.
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plus eagles get ready for their season opener tomorrow night. jeff skversky is live in atlanta when "action news" comes right back. developing news from northern
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california, where a officials are saying that at least a thousand homes have now been destroyed, in a massive wild fire, there. the the fire is burning at lake county, which is about an hour north of napa. a at least 40,000 acres are on fire, hundreds of fire fighters were on the scene but the the blaze is burning so fast, that their first priority is to evacuate people to safety. thousands have been forced to flee their homes, some people are forced to sleep in their cars. just to escape the flames. world news sunday will have latest on the situation in northern california, and coming up at 6:30 right here after "action news". pennsylvania senator pat toomey is running for a second term. he made his 2016 campaign official today, here at
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sheraton valley forge hotel in king of prussia a. toomey says he is a a senator that gets things done in a congress where it is difficult to get anything accomplished. so far the five three-year oldies the only republican who has filed. so at least three democrats say they are running for his senate seat. run arers came together this morning to remember those who lost their lives during the september 11th attacks. action cam was in pennsauken, camden county for 9/11 hero's run 5k. portion of the proceeds will benefit the travis mani on foundation supporting veterans and families of the fallen. the the rest stayed within the community in support of the several local charities dedicated to helping first responders. ♪
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. jamie is back to talk more about the loss of yet another sixers legend. >> that is right, it is happening too fast, but two
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weeks ago darryl dawkins inn now moses in malone. it is a shocking turn off events as sixers legend moses malone passed away the at 60 of an apparent heart attack. the hall of famer was found in the norfolk virginia hotel room set to appear at a charity golf tournament today. nicknamed chairman of the board he will be beloved for his 82/83 season where he was name nba finals mvp in leading the the sixers to the championship. malone mentored charles barkley who released this statement today. manny called dad passed today. word cannot explain my sadness. i will never know took a fat lazy kid like auburn and got him in shape and made him a player. every time i saw him i call him dad. he knew how much i appreciated and loved him. and all right, has there ever been more build up for a game? finally we are just one, one day away from the eagles opener on monday night football. jeff skversky live in atlanta where eagles have landed. we think we have been waiting for a long time to see this
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game but team must be chomping at the bit, um. >> jamie, they cannot wait. when you make wholesale changes at nearly every key position, from quarterback, to running back, everybody, from chip kelly down to the last guy on the roster, dying to see how this will all work out tomorrow, on monday night football. the eagles with one final work out back in philadelphia today, before arriving here in atlanta 90 minutes ago. take a look at chip kelly and eagles a arriving in atlanta to cheering eagles fans. the lots of excitement, lots of buzz down here for this foot the ball team with sam bradford and demarco murray and this new look roster with nine new starters. the the eagles are in meetings at the team hotel putting finishing touches on their game plan. everyone is set for monday night football. >> all of the piece that he is chip kelly felt like he needed is here and now it is time for to us perform, execute and
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show everybody that we're capable of. >> so now we will get to go out there and four quarters and so we're very excited. >> and everybody is excited for monday night open's begins the the atlanta falcons. we're less than 24 hours away, the eagles undefeated in their last four season opener, hopefully they can keep that trend tomorrow night. we are live from atlanta, jeff skversky channel six "action news". >> about time can't wait thanks, jeff. we will have a complete preview on sports sunday. brandon graham breaks it down. jeff, ducis and i are back here after "action news" at 11:00. tomorrow we are teaming up with phl17 to bring you all of the action. our pregame show count down to kick off at 6:30 followed by eagles inn falcons at 7:00. tomorrow will be the day buy of the new look eagles. fascinate to go watch all of those former bird we're up to in week one. shady mccoy uninspired start, 17 carries, 41-yard in a win
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begins colts for bills. nick foles, former teammates carry williams, took it in for a touchdown. foles led rams down field, tied the game with a toss and st. louis would win witt a field goal in overtime. foles 18 of 27, 297-yard, touchdown leading rams to a upset of the super bowl champs in his debut, 34-31. phillies pick up a win, lose caesar hernandez for the rest of the season with a dislocated thumb. game tied at four against the the cubs when the reliever, clayton richard, throws a wild pitch. altear races home. filles take a five-four lead. freddie galvis takes a two run double. phillies beat cubs seven-four but lose their second base man. >> all right. >> okay. >> what a season. >> really. >> up next, here on "action news", thousands office people packed the streets of manayunk for one of the most tasty festival of the year. >> meteorologist adam joseph has the exclusive accu weather
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seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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crowds of people ate their way through philadelphia's manayunk neighborhood this afternoon, they packed main street for the annual, street food festival, more than 50 food trucks from across the region offered all types of cuisine, that was g this afternoon festival kick off neighborhood's restaurant week which starts tonight and runs through friday, september 25th. melissa magee is one of the contestants in the is in america contestant pageant. >> she's down there doing the special for miss america.
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>> anyway, we will get you. >> yes. >> sorry that i'm's here but i do have good news for all of the contestants, beautiful week ahead. >> yes. >> it really did feel like fall. >> it did. and, parade and i bring something there. >> double scan live, and, and so from the shore, really rain drops are calling from the afternoon and then that is lifting north of new york city. action cam, along, philadelphia's waterways, delaware river there at penns landing. decent amount have of clouds today, we got sunshine earlier this afternoon, crowds took over again today but now that sunshine is taking control before the sunsets. in philadelphia, today our high was 72 degrees, below the average, which is in the upper 70's and in fact this was the coolest day since june 27th, and with only 71 degrees, so if you have been waiting for a little bit of that fall
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feeling, today was day and just wait for tonight. sixty-five in allentown. sixty-six in reading. seventy in wilmington. sixty-nine in millville and atlantic city coming in at 67 degrees. the rain is lifting to the north, dry air starting to puncture in, and west of the low that is between ottawa and toronto, canada. that will continue to lift away and then a massive high pressure, is setting up shop in the nation's heart land, and you can see very little in the way of anything going on, east of the rockies, and that is the way it will remain through the upcoming week. look at the lows by tomorrow morning, a definite fall chill in the air, 49 in will allentown. forty-eight in lancaster. fifty in reading. fifty-six in philadelphia. just 51 by tomorrow morning in millville. open up windows and shut off that air conditioning. and in fact, tomorrow a pretty pleasant afternoon, 77 degrees which is seasonal but it will be really breeze which this high pressure to the west and that departing low but very comfortable, and then that
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high, again, really sets up shop rite just to our west here on tuesday. navy blue sky on the mild side of 38 degrees. you can see heat generated around that high, in fact, by tuesday, late afternoon at 5:00 o'clock, 80's invade near 90 degrees, stretching from dallas texas right through bismarck so we are going back above normal starting on tuesday but good side of this if you don't like humidity throughout the week it stays on the pleasant side so we will get heat and sunshine but we went get humidity. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, bright and breezy tomorrow at 77, and we will take out any cloud cover, tuesday, wednesday, thursday we are sun soaked with temperatures above average, in the middle and eventually upper 80's here by friday and even saturday just a few clouds, 87 degrees and may be possible shower around, it doesn't look heavy by any stretch of the imagination for eagles in town next sunday and for our union at 85 degrees. so, a very distinct fall chill
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tomorrow morning and then going back to summer-like levels the rest on the week. >> we're glad to have you here. >> i'm okay, fine being here next to you guys. world news sunday next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. for adam joseph, melissa magee, jamie apody, jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team. i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪ i don't want to live with
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welcome to "world news tonight." state of emergency. up to 1,000 homes gone. fast-moving wildfires exploding overnight. some say the most dangerous in 30 years. tonight, we take you inside the firefight. round-up. police hunting shooters targeting drivers. 11 vehicles hit. the new suspects brought in for questioning. wrong plane. halfway from l.a. to hawaii, an airline realizes a big mistake. their plane has no certification to make long flights over water. were passengers in danger? mauled. a vicious attack caught on camera. a woman out walking her dogs when they suddenly lunge at a man on his way to work. the good samaritans who saved his life. and, tough luck. lottery winners denied their jackpots. given ious instead of cash.


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